Friday, June 29, 2007

Reflection Friday...

Wow! Here it is Friday already!...Time certainly does move quickly, or so it seems! So as I sit here and reflect on my week I am aware of so many things that have been presented to me. This has been a week of such creativity! I have started so many projects, and I have finished so many projects! (This is pretty big because I usually start more than I finish!!) So I was aware of the sparks of creativity from my Muse who helped me to see that I should widen my range of possibilities, and dream even a little bit bigger! I am aware of the hope that I have within my heart as I see myself stepping into the day with creativity and placing more of my faith in this pleasant flow, this helping to shine my light a little brighter. Today as I reflect back on the week I found I was curious about other creatives' and their process, and bought books and used my imagination for more of the how to...and what that I can do!! LOL...But most of all I am aware of the choice that I have!! I can choose to grow, I can choose to stretch..I can choose to feel at peace with this process...So today as I reflect on this week I feel bright and colorful and very happy...and I dance...alone in my studio...I dance to the creative beat of my own drum! That would be my wish for all who reflect on their week also...It does not matter how much time you spent being creative...It only matters that you made the choice to honor that side of you...for 1 minute..for 5 minutes...for an hour...for a day...Your drum was beating and you were dancing!!!
Artfully Yours,

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