Monday, October 22, 2007


Just a note here too...I am off line to go on a 10 day holiday!!!!!!!! OH JOY! OH JOY!!!!!!!!!
Here is a painting that I did for a baby boy earlier this year....CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH!!!!!!!!
See you next month!!
Artfully Yours,

Friday, October 19, 2007

Magical Mandala...Unlimited Energy

Connecting with my core gives me strength...the glow from within gives me unlimited energy...I release my tension...I breathe in fresh energy...I give myself power...I strengthen my abilities...
I blossom and grow....

***I am aware today of some tension that surrounds me...So I breathe...breathe deep into my core...I am silent...I feel the calm coming over me and the tension releasing...I am aware of the warm glow of the spirit within...I breathe the deepness that is ME...Today, I am aware that if I need the time to let some things go...I must give myself that moment...It allows me to feel my power...It allows me to remember my abilities...It allows me to blossom and grow! Today, if you feel tension within you...stop for a moment...sit and silence yourself...and breathe...breathe deep into your will feel the warmth coming will feel the power rising will strengthen your growth and blossom......(if you take on 5% of your positive energy every time you are feeling your tension...WOW...before long the tension won't have anywhere to place itself!!)...TRUST YOURSELF!
Artfully Yours,

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Magical Mandala...Inner Radiance

Connecting.....Connecting with my joy...with my paper and paint...
Connecting.....Connecting with my inner most self...
Connecting.....Connecting with my inspiration...
Connecting.....Connecting with my part in the Universe...
Connecting with myself allows me to connect with my inner radiance...

*** Today I am aware that I have a great need to create in be alone in my space
surrounded by my paint, my paper, my pens...I have been given back these moments of joy
and I am feeling a peacefulness that has been missing...I am feeling grateful today for allowing
myself this connection once again. Today, I am aware that this is not a selfish act...that by being
true to myself, by connecting to my inner radiance I am a much happier person. I can create
easier, life seems fuller, the sun shines brighter, and those around me are aware of the change
that comes over me when this connection takes place. So today, I am aware...I am aware that I
am an artist! May you find a moment today to honor your connection with your radiance. May you find a silence within to connect to and find your splendor, your creativity, your part in this big picture of life.
Artfully Yours,

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Magical Mandala...Wings

~softly fluttering in a cool breeze...
~rapidly moving against a harsh wind...
~moving with grace and beauty...
~fragile and yet so strong...
Your wings are always there to carry you to great heights.

***There are days that my wings are quite apparent to me...they allow me to fly almost effortlessly with the cool breeze of my creative mind. There are other days when I am almost not aware that I have them...the wind is harsh and yet I know in my core that they will help me to soar once again. When I am aware of my ideas, my creativity, my spirit I can fly ... fly higher than I ever thought possible. Today, I am aware of the path that these wings take me...I am enjoying the flight...I am grateful for the knowledge that they allow me to see. Today, I know that my wings are there every day...some days I must just remember to fly right into the middle of the storm for that is where the calm is. Today, may you also be aware of your wings...may you remember that they are strong and can take you to all the places that you are dreaming of going all you have to do is BELIEVE and allow your wings to let you FLY!
Artfully Yours,

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Magical Mandala...Center

Look within...look deep...deep within to your center.
Listen...listen carefully...listen to the wisdom of your center. within for the answers from your center.
For it is from the center that we start to grow....

***Today, I am quiet with myself...I am looking, and listening, and searching for some answers from deep within. I believe that when I quiet myself and pay attention my answers swirl around me in a circle for me to see...I believe that all the answers that I need are there as long as I take the time to connect with them. Today, my center is open and I am aware. Today, may you take a moment to quiet yourself and look, listen and search your center for your answers...they may not be clear to you at first, it may feel a little uncomfortable at first...but eventually you will hear the sound of your own true voice.
Artfully Yours,

Monday, October 15, 2007

Magical Mandala...Hanging Heart

I am safe hanging my heart on this limb....I am safe because comfort surrounds me...
I am safe because the leaves of friendship are there to cradle me if I should suddenly slip...
I am safe hanging my heart on this limb...I am safe for I am circled with love...I am circled
with faith...I am circled with belief...I am circled with hope....
I am safe hanging my heart on this limb...I am safe because I am holding on to my own truth.

*** Today, I am aware of the friendship that I have with so many like spirits. I am aware that we are all there to help each other when we hang our hearts out on the limb...When we expose our truths, not only to our self but to others. Today, I am aware that there is nothing so dark that a friend cannot help to shine a little light in our direction...and by feeling the warmth of that light we can perhaps see down the tunnel of darkness. I am aware today, that I am safe, that exposure does not have to be a negative, but rather it can be a beginning to a new day. I am aware today more so than yesterday that I am surrounded by loving, supportive spirits that will cradle me should I start to fall...Blessings to all of YOU...And today, may you also find a moment to be aware of those friendships, and may you circle yourself in HOPE for tomorrow.
Artfully Yours,

Friday, October 12, 2007

Magical Mandala...Bliss

A circle of bliss...of remembering...of allowing...of following...of creating...of connecting.
A circle of bliss...of gratitude...of joy...of love.
A circle of bliss...of pleasures..of moments.

***This morning I am aware of my bliss...Coming back to my affirmations has been a blessing for me, allowing me to once again tap into the energy and positive joy of my life. When following my hearts desires to the fullest extent every day I have found a peace in starting the day with these affirmations. I am aware that being quiet with myself in the beginning of my day helps me to focus better to what it is that I need to be grateful for. By acknowledging those things, and myself I am able to experience and see all the pleasures of the moments of the day. Today may you be aware of your bliss... may you remember your grateful moments...may you connect a little more with yourself.
Artfully Yours,

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Magical Mandala...Flying Heart

I can feel the sensation of my creativity....It starts with a bubbles and stretches and glows from within....waiting...then bursting forth with paper, paints, and pens...
I can feel the sensation of my heart flying within me....I am aware...I am grateful...

****I felt it calling me today, and it was almost effortless to create..My hands worked faster than my brain at moments. I dipped the brushes in paint on paper, on wood, on books....It warms me on this brisk fall afternoon...I am happy...I am creating...I am aware...I am grateful!
May you feel the warmth of your creativity and the stirring of your heart taking flight as you give way to it...(I am so much happier now that I have new paper and can do my mandalas with acrylic paint...comfort for me!!)
Artfully Yours,

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Magical Mandala...Starting

It starts in the the your soul... The energy...the passion...the belief.
It starts in the middle as a bud that you nourish with faith..with love..with your creativity.
It starts in the middle and will continue to grow as long as you let long as you listen...believe and reach...
It starts in the middle.....

***When you listen to your core, your soul, your spirit you will feel a rush of warmth come over you as you follow the direction it gives to you. You will feel a sense of calm as you follow your faith and love for yourself. When you listen...May you listen for a moment today and feel the bud of your love growing as you nourish it.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Magical Mandala...Unlimited Possibilities

There are unlimited possibilities in this one life...being open to love...being true to your energy... reaching out to make your dream wishes come true and believing in your creativity....
There are unlimited possibilities in this one life...BE AWARE OF THE EVERY DAY MESSAGES!

**Today I am aware of the messages that my soul sings, my energy brings to me through my creativity and my dreams coming true. Today, may you be blessed with an open heart to see your own messages.
Artfully Yours,

Monday, October 8, 2007

Magical Mandala.... Listen

Listen as you grow...Listen to the silence....Do not be afraid to stretch and reach for your roots are firmly planted....
Listen as you grow...Listen to the sounds of your whispers and the magic that surrounds you...
Listen to your gentle spirit...
Listen as you grow...Listen to the sound of joy...

** Today I feel as if I am swimming in growth...I can feel it from the bottom of my feet moving upward...Today I am listening...I am remembering the wonderment of stretching and reaching. Today my spirit is forming new buds...Today, I wish for you sweet remembrances of growth, and feelings of pure joy from it.
Artfully Yours,

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Magical Mandala ..Gratitude

Gratitude surrounds circles my heart....a warm soft glowing familiar rush washes over me as I pick up pencils and pens...
Gratitude surrounds me...I am aware of the strong connection...the difference it makes when I acknowledge and accept my truths...
Gratitude surrounds me...and I am once again on my path of discovery....

(*** there is not a right way or a wrong way to make a mandala...I simply start with a circle and ask the question while mediating on that circle..WHAT DO I NEED TO BE AWARE OF TODAY?
This is a 4.5 inch circle to fit on the page of the journal that I purchased for this purpose, although the paper is thin I will continue with this journal....This mandala was done with Prisma colored pencils. )

Eyes Wide Open...

It is 2:42 AM...Rain is softly falling outside and I have awoken from a sound sleep! My eyes popped open and I knew at that moment what it was that I am suppose to do next...I told myself that I would post in the morning, but my moment said to do it NOW! So here I sit in front of this machine....I have been doing my affirmations for 2 years now...almost every day till several months ago...I know what stopped me, and there is no need to express that because I know. But why I let that stop me has remained a mystery to me. Doing the affirmations has been a powerful source of knowledge for ME about ME. They have allowed me a place where I could talk to myself in such a positive way that I could overcome most of my shadow demons....but I let that slip...I took it away from myself. So today, I give it back....It will be taking on a different form, but it will still reveal what my heart knows as my own truth. For 4 years now I have been making Mandalas. There is something about the circle and the freedom to place anything within that circle that my heart desires...and then to find what it is and let it speak to me. My friend, Cheryl has been making Mandalas this past year on a regular basis, and it has prompted me to get back into them. So this site will now take on that feel of Mandala making...and the thoughts that I have to go with them. I invite you to come along on this adventure....I invite you to share your Mandala Magic here with me...I invite you to comment.
I remember as a child talking to myself and receiving my answers...I also remember people telling me that it was a little "crazy" to do things like that....So I pushed it down deep within...As I got older and kept journals I realize now that they were filled with a lot of questions...not a lot of answers because I did not want to think of myself as "crazy"! NOW I REALIZE...NOW I KNOW...that these are MY ANSWERS...this is my soul, my heart, my core...telling me my truths and by not acknowledging them I do not acknowledge myself. This is nothing new to the great rock has been rolled over and something new discovered...This is just ME getting back to ME...and hopefully it will lead you to get back to something you let slip away. (whatever that might be) So my soul is smiling now...I have put this down as my intention...I have acknowledged and accepted it as my truth...My wish for you is that you find an AHA moment (maybe not at 3 in the morning!!) but that you discover and then follow it so that your soul smiles also....I will see you soon with the first of many Magical Mandala Moments....
Artfully Yours,

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Winds of Change...

Here it is fall already..the leaves are changing colors in all their majestic glory here in upstate New York...and I am changing once again with the wind....As you have probably already noticed my daily affirmations have turned to once weekly and then some weeks not at all....At first I was very upset with myself for not doing my affirmation...but then, I realized it is just a matter of change. And change is something not to be feared or dreaded, it is not something that you beat your self up about, but rather you welcome....welcome because something NEW...something BIGGER is about to happen for you. I will be changing with the wind...I will be doing something different for myself and hopefully will inspire you too. I have not quite figured out what it is suppose to be, but my inner soul is speaking to me about that and we are working together to bring forth what it is that I should be doing at this time. Sometimes it speaks in such a soft whisper that it takes me time to hear till it is very clear I will be posting here when I am moved to, (like today!) and it may be with written may be with may be with both...Life is like that sometimes...a series of different things, blown in different directions to bring you to the safety of the spot where you are suppose to be right at that very moment. So, my wish for all today is that you too enjoy...embrace...and acknowledge your change...and that you hang on tight to it, because you just never know where you might land!!
Artfully Yours,