Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Magical Mandala...Center

Look within...look deep...deep within to your center.
Listen...listen carefully...listen to the wisdom of your center.
Search...search within...search within for the answers from your center.
For it is from the center that we start to grow....

***Today, I am quiet with myself...I am looking, and listening, and searching for some answers from deep within. I believe that when I quiet myself and pay attention my answers swirl around me in a circle for me to see...I believe that all the answers that I need are there as long as I take the time to connect with them. Today, my center is open and I am aware. Today, may you take a moment to quiet yourself and look, listen and search your center for your answers...they may not be clear to you at first, it may feel a little uncomfortable at first...but eventually you will hear the sound of your own true voice.
Artfully Yours,


Cheryl Finley: said...

You know Pattie...your mandalas are like Fairy Tales. The colors, the dreaminess, your artwork, and the energy of them scoops me up and takes me on a magic carpet ride; and gently releases me into that feel good place of peace and happy expectancy.. Yep, the answers are within each of us (and our personal mandalas). Yep, "You had the power all along, Dorothy."
love you,

Lori Pilla said...

Oh thank you for another wonderful work of art as well as inspiration. I think Cheryl said things quite nicely. Ditto.