Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Magical Mandala...Unlimited Possibilities

There are unlimited possibilities in this one life...being open to love...being true to your energy... reaching out to make your dream wishes come true and believing in your creativity....
There are unlimited possibilities in this one life...BE AWARE OF THE EVERY DAY MESSAGES!

**Today I am aware of the messages that my soul sings, my energy brings to me through my creativity and my dreams coming true. Today, may you be blessed with an open heart to see your own messages.
Artfully Yours,


Crone Goddess said...

Thank you Goddess Pattie for your wisdom words.
I love them so much I used one in my latest blog.
Crone Goddess Margo @ holiknitting101.blogspot.com

Crone Goddess said...

I have taken the liberty of adding your site in my faves.
Love and Light

Luna said...

Dang it girl, your art SOOO rocks!!