Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Winds of Change...

Here it is fall already..the leaves are changing colors in all their majestic glory here in upstate New York...and I am changing once again with the wind....As you have probably already noticed my daily affirmations have turned to once weekly and then some weeks not at all....At first I was very upset with myself for not doing my affirmation...but then, I realized it is just a matter of change. And change is something not to be feared or dreaded, it is not something that you beat your self up about, but rather you welcome....welcome because something NEW...something BIGGER is about to happen for you. I will be changing with the wind...I will be doing something different for myself and hopefully will inspire you too. I have not quite figured out what it is suppose to be, but my inner soul is speaking to me about that and we are working together to bring forth what it is that I should be doing at this time. Sometimes it speaks in such a soft whisper that it takes me time to hear till it is very clear I will be posting here when I am moved to, (like today!) and it may be with written may be with may be with both...Life is like that sometimes...a series of different things, blown in different directions to bring you to the safety of the spot where you are suppose to be right at that very moment. So, my wish for all today is that you too enjoy...embrace...and acknowledge your change...and that you hang on tight to it, because you just never know where you might land!!
Artfully Yours,

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megan said...

becoming...we're always becoming.