Saturday, September 22, 2007

Partnership...A reflection

This has been a week of many things...I have been finishing projects and working on new ones, but the one thing that stands clear in my mind is the word....PARTNERSHIP....I am aware this week that by partnering with the Universe I open myself up to offering my hand to others and they in return join in with me. It is an act of cooperation....By working with the forces outside of myself I have been aware this week that I can come more quickly to a place of communication and coordination. I have been working on a memory garden flag for a young 17 year old girl who recently died in a car accident...How precious life short of a time we sometimes actually have with people...I asked my sister, to work on this project with me, and although she was quite busy herself, she stepped in and did her part to make this a reality. Making me aware that we all have a part in the whole of things...When we truly align with who we are and what we have to offer, and what can bring others to the table with us, we can connect with a whole heart....We can offer and we can accept. So that is my wish for all who enter here today...I wish for you to extend your hand...extend it to someone outside of your inner self and offer them the choice to join with you in this dance of life. And my question would be: WHO CAN YOU CONNECT WITH TODAY TO JOIN IN YOUR DANCE?
Artfully Yours,

Friday, September 14, 2007

Acknowledging... A Reflection

Today is a day of acknowledging.... I have been so wrapped up in so many things that I have stepped outside of myself for the past several weeks. I am very aware that I have not been acknowledging my inner dreams. So, today, I am stepping back...back into myself...It has taken time to look at myself, because it has been difficult to see signs ....WHY? Well it seems that lately I have not been counting my blessings, but rather looking at what I believe is "lacking". Today I am looking deeper...and I am finding my blessings once again....They have been there just covered up by things that needed to be scraped off. I am aware that by looking at my blessings, by honoring them, I honor myself...I also know this will generate more and more to me as I happily go about my day today. So today, I acknowledge my abundance and joy... and the steps that I am taking so that they stay in the front of my life and fly on butterfly wings to me. That would be my wish for all who read this today also....When you are lost in the "lack" of ....try thinking of one thing that is a blessing...then two...then three...Return to your abundance and remember it and they will make your life joyful one small blessing at a time. And my question to you would be:

Friday, September 7, 2007

Community...A reflective week

This has been a week of community.....Of connecting with on-line friends and family. This has been a week of welcoming people to read posts and join in celebrations, and of finding more and more connections. This has been a week of supporting one another on this adventure of life with all its twists and and downs...highs and lows. This machine has enabled us to have a sense of family...a sense of tribe...a sense of togetherness. Each of us playing our own role within such a diverse group of people. This week has been a sense of community....a circle of friends of feeling included..feeling accepted and feeling nurtured. I am so grateful for all who enter here and leave their presence known to me...I am so honored to be part of something bigger than just myself. So that would be my wish for all today...that you feel the power of this community...that you go one step beyond and reach out of the circle to another who is looking for your support. Today offer up the gift of your hand and your heart to someone within your community. And my question would be?
Artfully Yours,

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Charity/ A Universal Reflection

This really is my post from Friday...and it is also a Universal Reflection.... I finally finished and delivered a piece of art to our local breast cancer coalition for a charity auction. I donate quite a lot of art to support my community and especially anything that has to do with women's issues.
I do this with an open heart and a sincere concern not only for others, but also for myself. For I know that with a swift change in the wind my life could be changed and I might be in the situation of needing the services of these agencies. So, I willing give NOW! When you reach out to help (in whatever way you can) you end up receiving much more in return. I have met and become friends with people that I doubt our paths would of crossed had it not been for these charity events. By doing these donations I also have a more positive understanding of the power of abundance...and the cycle of giving and receiving. The biggest impact on me however is becoming more aware of our connection ... when one person suffers, we all suffer in some way .. as we are all members of this human family. My wish for all today would be that you feel the good that comes from the act of compassion...that you find out first hand how much joy you receive when you give from your heart. And my question would be: