Saturday, September 22, 2007

Partnership...A reflection

This has been a week of many things...I have been finishing projects and working on new ones, but the one thing that stands clear in my mind is the word....PARTNERSHIP....I am aware this week that by partnering with the Universe I open myself up to offering my hand to others and they in return join in with me. It is an act of cooperation....By working with the forces outside of myself I have been aware this week that I can come more quickly to a place of communication and coordination. I have been working on a memory garden flag for a young 17 year old girl who recently died in a car accident...How precious life short of a time we sometimes actually have with people...I asked my sister, to work on this project with me, and although she was quite busy herself, she stepped in and did her part to make this a reality. Making me aware that we all have a part in the whole of things...When we truly align with who we are and what we have to offer, and what can bring others to the table with us, we can connect with a whole heart....We can offer and we can accept. So that is my wish for all who enter here today...I wish for you to extend your hand...extend it to someone outside of your inner self and offer them the choice to join with you in this dance of life. And my question would be: WHO CAN YOU CONNECT WITH TODAY TO JOIN IN YOUR DANCE?
Artfully Yours,

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megan said...

your words are thoughtful & might say INSPIRED!