Friday, October 12, 2007

Magical Mandala...Bliss

A circle of bliss...of remembering...of allowing...of following...of creating...of connecting.
A circle of bliss...of gratitude...of joy...of love.
A circle of bliss...of pleasures..of moments.

***This morning I am aware of my bliss...Coming back to my affirmations has been a blessing for me, allowing me to once again tap into the energy and positive joy of my life. When following my hearts desires to the fullest extent every day I have found a peace in starting the day with these affirmations. I am aware that being quiet with myself in the beginning of my day helps me to focus better to what it is that I need to be grateful for. By acknowledging those things, and myself I am able to experience and see all the pleasures of the moments of the day. Today may you be aware of your bliss... may you remember your grateful moments...may you connect a little more with yourself.
Artfully Yours,


brenda bliss said...

thank you for the reminders Pattie.........
brenda bliss

Anonymous said...

heavens Patti this mandala really POPS!!!! into the eyes...its fantastic!!

krissie from message in a bottle blog.