Sunday, October 7, 2007

Eyes Wide Open...

It is 2:42 AM...Rain is softly falling outside and I have awoken from a sound sleep! My eyes popped open and I knew at that moment what it was that I am suppose to do next...I told myself that I would post in the morning, but my moment said to do it NOW! So here I sit in front of this machine....I have been doing my affirmations for 2 years now...almost every day till several months ago...I know what stopped me, and there is no need to express that because I know. But why I let that stop me has remained a mystery to me. Doing the affirmations has been a powerful source of knowledge for ME about ME. They have allowed me a place where I could talk to myself in such a positive way that I could overcome most of my shadow demons....but I let that slip...I took it away from myself. So today, I give it back....It will be taking on a different form, but it will still reveal what my heart knows as my own truth. For 4 years now I have been making Mandalas. There is something about the circle and the freedom to place anything within that circle that my heart desires...and then to find what it is and let it speak to me. My friend, Cheryl has been making Mandalas this past year on a regular basis, and it has prompted me to get back into them. So this site will now take on that feel of Mandala making...and the thoughts that I have to go with them. I invite you to come along on this adventure....I invite you to share your Mandala Magic here with me...I invite you to comment.
I remember as a child talking to myself and receiving my answers...I also remember people telling me that it was a little "crazy" to do things like that....So I pushed it down deep within...As I got older and kept journals I realize now that they were filled with a lot of questions...not a lot of answers because I did not want to think of myself as "crazy"! NOW I REALIZE...NOW I KNOW...that these are MY ANSWERS...this is my soul, my heart, my core...telling me my truths and by not acknowledging them I do not acknowledge myself. This is nothing new to the great rock has been rolled over and something new discovered...This is just ME getting back to ME...and hopefully it will lead you to get back to something you let slip away. (whatever that might be) So my soul is smiling now...I have put this down as my intention...I have acknowledged and accepted it as my truth...My wish for you is that you find an AHA moment (maybe not at 3 in the morning!!) but that you discover and then follow it so that your soul smiles also....I will see you soon with the first of many Magical Mandala Moments....
Artfully Yours,

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Cheryl Finley: said...

HI Pattie,
Ahh..reading this inspires me. I'm glad you're on the Mandala Journey too! I look forward to continued discovery and inspiration from them, you, and many others that have taken up with the mandalas.