Thursday, October 11, 2007

Magical Mandala...Flying Heart

I can feel the sensation of my creativity....It starts with a bubbles and stretches and glows from within....waiting...then bursting forth with paper, paints, and pens...
I can feel the sensation of my heart flying within me....I am aware...I am grateful...

****I felt it calling me today, and it was almost effortless to create..My hands worked faster than my brain at moments. I dipped the brushes in paint on paper, on wood, on books....It warms me on this brisk fall afternoon...I am happy...I am creating...I am aware...I am grateful!
May you feel the warmth of your creativity and the stirring of your heart taking flight as you give way to it...(I am so much happier now that I have new paper and can do my mandalas with acrylic paint...comfort for me!!)
Artfully Yours,

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Lori Pilla said...

Gorgeous again Pattie. I too am soooo grateful for my desire and ability to create. Your sharing of your talent and insights has been invaluable to me.
Enjoy the day! I know I will.