Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Today is a day of feeling proud....This is a new concept for me, as I was taught not to boost or brag about accomplishments. But, I have learned over the past several years that it really is speaking the truth to myself. So today, is a day of feeling proud, for receiving recognition and respect for some of the personal goals I have set for myself. It has given me a renewed feeling of fulfillment. Being acknowledged is like the cherry on the top of a sundae!! I do my creative work because I know no other way to live my life, and I meet my own expectations on good days! But, when someone I do not know gives me a compliment it is such a HUGE BOOST! So today, I feel proud for the path I am taking, my creativity, my spirit and my soul. That would be my wish for all today also. May you feel proud of the things that you do that come directly from your core, but may you also pass that on. To a teacher, a friend, a mother, a family member who is doing a job from their heart. Make a difference in their life by passing on the acknowledgement that they are doing wonderful things. In doing this you will not only lift them, but you will lift yourself.
Artfully Yours,


Cheryl Finley: said...

This is just what I needed to hear this morning! Thank you for such an eloquent reminder of colorful beauty. I love the heart...and this piece touches mine deeply. Thank you for reminding me of the soul-essentials of heartfelt self-appreciation. Even though "I know this" your words and art help me come out of the forest of life...and see the trees of "my self"...and that's something to celebrate! I'm proud of you, and for you too! Good for you Luminosity!

P.S. The workshop with the breast cancer patients was a soothing, creative time for all. It was an oasis of creativity and self-nurturing...and your lovely "token" was perfect for them. They all sang a resounding "thank you"! I'll be posting about it later this month.

Pattie Mosca said...

Thanks Cheryl...
We all need to take a moment, a minute a day and rejoice in our own splendor!!