Thursday, June 14, 2007


Today was a day of inspiration! Of being on a path of feeling motivated and truly feeling the inspiration. Today, I have been feeling the Universe working through me..I have been feeling the encouraging Angels around me the little extra something to keep me on this journey. Today is a day of inspiration...Inspiration that others give to me, that I give to myself, and that hopefully I give to others. Today is a day of inspiration from good friends that encourage my ideas or motivate me to try something new. Inspiration from acquaintances who inspire me with support and creativity along my path. Today I am aware of the Universe working in every moment, helping with the creativity and allowing me to move in the right direction. Today, I am so aware of the crossing of the creative paths that intersect with inspiration and joy. Today I hope that I inspire others as they inspire me.So, that is also my wish for you today...May you continue on your path, touching others when they need inspiration, and being inspired by someone else when you need it! Working this way we become an unstoppable whole!
Artfully Yours,
Post Script: This is my Wednesday post...It's just been a LONG day!!

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Cheryl Finley: said...

Yes, Inspiration Abounds!! You never cease to inpsire me, Pattie!