Friday, June 1, 2007

Reflection Friday...

So here it is once again another week that has passed! This week has been a series of looking at things with new eyes so that I can learn and grow with each passing week. I am aware that if I truly look deeply that my core speaks great words to me and I have been remembering to say THANK YOU to the Universe for all the abundance in my life. This week once again my goals were clear and I completed and mailed some of the challenges that I have given myself, so I have climbed a little higher on my ladder....Today, as I reflect on the week I am content, content with my challenges and the path they are taking, content with my convictions and my cheer, content that my spirit soars and is full of joy. So that is my wish for you also today...If you are reflecting on your week, find the contentment that you exposed to yourself, find the joy and the highs that you have achieved. Today reflect on the depth of your center and learn and grow from the wisdom it has to share with you.
Artfully Yours,

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