Thursday, June 28, 2007


Today I am feeling aware of some choices that I am making. So I am looking within and letting my choice rise and fall like the tide...turning it over with the waves and finally resting on the shore happy and at peace, so that it can take root. Today I am aware that by making choices I continue to grow and be inspired. I feel connected with my root self and feel a certain sort of peace with these choices. Today I am stretching upward...outward..and inward to find that the choice that I am making is for my own peace. To quiet myself, honor myself and expose myself. So that would be my wish for you today as you go forth. If you have choices to make today, do not let fear overtake you, but rather look inward for your peace and your answers. For it is from our own heart and mind that we find that. We all have challenges with troubled emotions and internal challenges, the choice comes from not giving over our power for peaceful energy to them. Make a choice to pick your peace over conflict...positive over over mistrust. Once you start this awareness of choice, you can't help but find more joy. Choice is as easy as flipping the coin!
Artfully Yours,

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