Friday, June 22, 2007

Reflection Friday

Today is a day of reflection because once again another week has creatively gone by!
This morning as I sit and look over my affirmations from the week I am aware of where I am at this very moment...In the thick of my creativity! Allowing it to carry me across the path that my heart is leading me. Where I have been this week...allowing my self a little quiet time to feel all the senses, to feel calm and to move forward. And where I am going...Allowing my connection to my souls creativity to design and bring guidance to this creative path. Today as I reflect I am aware that my heart is singing...that my direction with all of its bends and curves is my souls purpose. Today, I flow with a force that is calming and directional. So that would also be my wish for you as you reflect upon your week...May your soul's purpose be revealed to you as you quiet your busy life so that you can listen to its song. And then may you connect with that song (by giving it a beat that you can dance to!) and calmly connect and let it guide you on your own creative path. The sky is the limit! (which means there is no limit at all!!)
Artfully Yours,


She Who Flies said...

Pattie, I so enjoy your colorful reflections! They would make a lovely book you know... I'm delighted you're feeling so connected to your centre, your creativity and enjoying so much flow. That is heaven on earth as far as I'm converned. And do you know what else is a source of delight? The beautiful garden angel which landed at my door this morning, her white wings full of the flowers and wishes you chose for me. It's beautiful and I'm touched beyond words. Thank you!!!! And how did you know that I'm currently so into that particular green/pink color combination? Thank you sweet angel. I leave you with a big grin on my face :-)

Pattie Mosca said...

The Universe and my soul directed me to send the Angel your way..Without thinking it just had YOUR NAME all over it!! So glad that it put a smile on your face!!!!!!!!!!!