Friday, June 15, 2007

Reflection Friday

Today is Reflection Friday...and as I looked over my affirmations for the week I felt a peacefulness come over me. As I looked at each entry, I noticed that they all were very valuable lessons for me, and ones that I often have not acknowledged for myself. Today, I am aware of the shrine like presence of each small drawing...Each with gratitude for the growth that I am feeling. I am very aware that my diligence and determination this year is moving forward and drawing me closer to my dreams. I honor the fact that I continue on even with small steps being reward for doing this with a creative happiness. I see inspiration all around me, and especially from the Angels that are close to me. I am holding on to my beliefs and learning to challenge myself more. So today, as I reflect back on the week I honor the inner shrines of strength and desire that I am building for myself. For all who venture here today, that would be my wish for you. Look within...see that you are learning, that you are diligent with your ideas and determination...That you continue to be productive and reward yourself with happiness for doing so, and that you inspire and are inspired by yourself and others. For truly as we honor our path and build our shrines we come that much closer to knowing who we are and what we truly want.
Artfully Yours,

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