Monday, July 2, 2007


Today is a day of excitement...My little feet hit the floor running today!! Oh, I couldn't make it fast enough into the studio...I have visions of a whole series of little paintings...I have visions of submissions...I have visions and visions and visions!!!!!!!! Today I am so excited...and I am going to ride this wave joyously today! I am aware of what it is that I have to do and how to do it!! OH MY!!!! Today, as I am filled with excitement I acknowledge and honor my creativity!! And that would be my wish for all who come here today...when you feel that excitement...that connection with your creativity...get it out, get it on paper, write it down if you can't get into your studio...DON'T LOSE IT!!!!! For one moment of excitement, brings another and then another and then another!! AND IT FEELS SO GOOD! As for me...I am off to the paint..These creative thoughts are waiting to be acknowledged!
Artfully Yours,


Lori Pilla said...

Wow! I can just feel the energy and excitement coming through. How wonderful. Its gotta be that "Dreaming Big" thing.


Pattie Mosca said...

Thanks Lori...
Lots of dreams and stars shining brightly! Wishing the same for you!!