Sunday, July 29, 2007


This is the reflection from the week...although I do so LOVE the poem that Royce posted on the Restless affirmation! It gives me great strength to have read that!! This week has been a series of maps and discoveries. Of being very aware of my knowledge and my skills to do...or not do certain things!! Of being guided by my desires and seeing the tasks...the colors and the words...but most of all the changes that need to be made. And of making certain changes that although are hard and testing me, I know to be the right thing to do and for all the right reasons. This has been a week of making myself find comfort within and around me while balancing both work and play! This has been a week where I have felt like myself for great periods of time and yet unfamiliar with myself at other times. Change is a matter of adjusting and connecting. So I have taken this week to be very much aware of the adjustment to the rhythms and to the guidance that I receive from my spirit. I am growing...I am expanding...I am full of positive energy...all I have to do is allow it to take over and my true being explodes with color.
So, as you look over your week the question to ask is this:
What is it that I have learned about myself this week that brings me closer to my truth?
Wishing you a delightful day of pondering!
Artfully Yours,


Royce Addington: said...

Answer: Learning to ask for what I need...and being OK with that.
Easier said than done.

I have always loved the word 'reflection'. Just as the Sweet Maui Onion Heart has diaphanous layers that protect our core; so does our 'reflection'.

That is the genius of Pattie J. Art and authentically reveal the many layers of your heart and your reflections!

She Who Flies said...

Your words on change are so true and so inspiring. And have you noticed how change feels easier when you embrace it instead of fighting it?

Pattie, I've just nominated you as one of my Rockin' Girl Bloggers :-)

Cheryl Finley: said...

In answer to your question: I've learned that the best gift I can give myself, is to be compassionate; accept, and "really celebrate" the spirit of Cheryl. The more I do it the more energized I am, and the more there is to celebrate! I didn't just learn that this week...but many weeks of my life.