Thursday, July 5, 2007


Today as I was working early and asking what it was that I needed today, the word HELPFUL came into play. I wasn't aware of what that meant till later in the morning and then throughout the day, different signs appeared to me. Everyday I do my art, and I try to post my affirmation here also. Today, across the telephone wires, across the Internet and in the mail I received signs from others that all that I am doing is helpful to their creative process. So today, I am aware that not only do these affirmations help me, but they help others as well. I love the idea of loaning some of my energy from these affirmations to someone else. I am aware that by doing this I feel revitalized and as if my direction has become a little clearer. And it makes me feel so good to give with an open heart. That would be my wish for you..that you inspire someone today with your open heart. That you feel your energy become that much stronger by offering a hand to someone who needs a little shift in their energy. The reward is so great at the end of the is a wonderful inner Peace that shines brightly.
Artfully Yours,

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Lori Pilla said...

OOOOOOOOOOOO gotta love it. I opened up this blog this morning and it struck me so quickly. All I could say was oooooooooooooo. Beautiful.