Friday, July 20, 2007

Reflection Friday

Today has been a day of reflecting on the week...This week has been one that has to do with totally being with myself! I have made it a point to reflect on so many things this week. I am aware that I can travel deep within myself to my own destinations. To stir my soul and my spirit to create and dream. I am aware of the depth of my hearts song and I sing it in a loud true voice. Today, as I reflect on the things I have learned about myself this week, I know that I am so thankful for the people who stir my spirit...who lift me up and help me to fly on the wings of the goddess of creativity. I am learning to honor my intentions and watch the movements I make both from within and around me. So today, as I reflect on this week, I feel truly blessed. Blessed that I can create every day...blessed that I have love in my life...blessed that I can laugh and sing and dance with great abandonment! Blessed that I become more and more aware of the creativity that is within me that comes out in so many ways. My wish for you as you reflect on your week would be that you too count your blessings. That you are able to see them even when there are dark clouds overhead. Blessings are the smallest of things sometimes, and often we over look them thinking that they should be BIG! But when you start to really be aware of all the little ones...suddenly....THEY BECOME HUGE!
Artfully Yours,

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She Who Flies said...

Hooray! Beautiful post Pattie. Glad you had such a blessing-enhancing week.