Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Soul Spirit

Today is a day of celebrating the souls' spirit....A day of talking and laughing and sharing! Today, I am so aware of what this machine can and does do for me! I am blessed with a very dear friend that I have met via this machine!! We met through the written word some 2 1/2 years ago...reconnected several times...and then met in person almost a year ago...since then, my friend, my sister, my inspiration, my cheerleader, my confident has been a blessing to me. She has brought me up when I was down, was the first one that I notified when wonderful things appear to me, who shares my love of art and humor! She is a member of a tribe of strong women who continue to search their soul for their true spirit....So today, as we chatted on the phone (these calls that are suppose to be 1/2 hour...which really means 2 or 3 hours!) after getting off I feel so alive with alive with who I am ...where I am going...what I want to accomplish and how much I have and how far I have come! This machine has given me a gift...a gift of connecting not only to others but to myself...It has given my souls' spirit a place to sing and play and be joyous. So today, I am grateful for knowing this...for feeling this, but most of all for my friend who has taught me how to believe in this. So my wish for you today would be the same joyous feeling! May you connect with your souls' spirit guided by the voice within and by the sound of support that you receive from it and from others who surround you. May you take a moment of your time and laugh , and talk, and share your souls' spirit with a friend. For today is just the beginning of your dreams...your desires and your love. Honor it!
Artfully Yours,

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Melba said...

How wonderful!!!
I have been really drawn to your site lately.

Blessings to you!