Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Today has been a day of finding comfort...Today I am looking in a different direction for my comfort...I am trying to clean up...clean out...shape up and shift different things in my life. I am feeding my spirit with different positive messages to keep me on this unfamiliar path. I am aware that sometimes you just get into a rut with doing things a certain way, or not doing things as the case may be. Some times you have a habit that needs addressing, but you don't address it because it is uncomfortable. So today, is a day of finding comfort as I venture into breaking habits and change. Today I am fluffing pillows..putting tops on paint.. picking up, using energy that I normally put into other habits so that I form a new pattern..Today I am finding comfort in different spots, in different ways in and around me. May you also find support, comfort and nourishment for your spirit with honor and appreciation.
So I ask you this today:
What kind of change do you need and how can you support and comfort your spirit in one small way when making a change?
Artfully Yours,


nici said...

Ah, I am right with you. I ,too, spent today redirecting my time to worthwhile (and long neglected) tasks. It was rather shocking what I discovered needed doing after shunning things for so long! I chose to clean out my closet and drawers. In the end, I had filled 2 lawn and leaf (!!!) 45 gallon trash bags with clothes for Goodwill.
Room to breathe!
And today, and tomorrow, and from now on...
it's all about the breathing!
Keep finding your comfort honey; you are bigger than any habit, you can knock its lights out!

Royce Addington: said...

I just wish I had written these wonderful words as a tribute to Pattie Mosca's ARTFUL Words and Thoughts:

"Find a quiet place and listen. It should be very quiet. The only sound you should hear is your heart beating. Listen. Peer deep down inside your heart. Do you see someone that holds a special place in your heart? Maybe they have always been there when you needed them; maybe they offered words of encouragement; taught you a lesson; COMFORTED you when you were sick; praised you on your accomplishments.

Make this their lucky day.You have the POWER to spread happiness today. A quick note or a kind word is all it takes to bring a smile and lasting memory to someone very special."
--Gary Harrington--

Pattie Mosca said...

Thank You BOTH........Breathing...and comfort...breathing and comfort...breathing and comfort!

megan said...

Things that I ignore, don't ignore me. I forget this & then I remember it. When something needs my attention & I don't grant it, it rides around on my shoulders. Extra weight, ugh. So your post was synchronous for me. Spent time cleaning a walk-in closet that hadn't been walk-into-able for some time. Big bag of donations later, I feel peace and satisfaction every time I walk into my closet. All that to say...thanks for tying the word "comfort" to changing habits. Wise insight & helpful tool, too!