Friday, July 27, 2007


This is my post for THURSDAY! Thursday was a day of restlessness! So restless that I did not complete my affirmation page...did not complete my post...I had commitments outside my studio and yet like a child all I wanted to do was "play" when I had outside work to do instead. So, I was a little fidgety and unable to focus due to the fact that I had to be out and about instead of in the studio playing...but yet, when I got to be in the studio, the feeling was still there. After my commitments were done for the day I tried to settle into my studio...but...because I had to delay this play I was still in restless mode! When we connect to our higher self we can find the rhythms of our work and that is what I did for quite some time yesterday. I connected...connected to what I wanted to do..what I needed to do...and where to start! Allowing myself to find the perfect time to use my energy for work and then for my creative time. Schedules that do not belong to us sometimes force us to be a little more creative with our time. So yesterday was a day of being restless...because I was on someones schedule rather than my own. So I connected to my guidance to fit all the pieces together. Allowing myself to blog without guilt and finish things as my spirit guided me.
So my question is this:
What do you do to balance work and play so that you are not to restless?
Today, May you connect and find a peacefulness with your work and your play! It took awhile, but I finally made the cross over that worked for me!!
Artfully Yours,


Royce Addington: said...

Dear Restless,
Here are all the titles of your recent posts...that inspired a little poem below:

 Restless...
 Comfort
 Desire...
 Creations
 Reflection Friday
 Intent...
 Soul Spirit
 Connection...
 Travel...
 Warmth
 Silly
 Exploring
 RE-Connecting
 Helpful
 Participating
 Excitement

Another REFLECTION FRIDAY has passed…
TRAVEL the weekend
Allow yourself moments of
RE-CONNECTING with yourself
Bask in the WARMTH of pure COMFORT
Add a dash of SILLY...
That HELPFUL Sprite that makes CHANGING bearable!
Creates a timeless CONNECTION between YOU…
And all of US who LOVE your work!

megan said...

You say such great things..."So I connected to my guidance to fit all the pieces together." Helpful...again. thanks!

Cheryl Finley: said...

In answer to your question...I:
1) Connect with creative souls thru blogging.
2) Create when I could be doing stuff around the house
3) Keep notepad w/me for ideas
4) Look for small projects that can be completeed in 30 minutes or so. This is ever-evolving.

I do this to keep actively creating, but it's no where near balanced (as your question asked). Seems like the only way for me to create, is if I don't do something else.