Saturday, August 4, 2007


SHE'S BACK.............
Have you ever had one of those know when nothing looks right...nothing feels right...and the creative juices feel as if you are stuck in a big pile of mud?! As I reflect on the week that has just passed I am so aware of the lull that I have been in! I did not do a single affirmation this week........Now, I could choose to beat myself up about this (which I probably would of done in the past!!) Or I can look within and see what really is going on with me! I am one who usually has so many ideas running around in my head that I do not often know which one to start on first. But this week has been a week of adjusting to change..change within my body...change within my soul...change within my space. All of the change is GOOD..but adjusting to it has been a challenge! (I am a creature of extreme habit!) So this week, I have taken time to let myself nap...let myself rest...let myself regroup and recharge! This week I have let myself surf the web more..connect with fellow artists others while supporting myself...This week I have allowed myself to start to build a foundation under my castle of dreams...This week has been a week of joy and love for myself and for others..(even though at the time I just thought that perhaps my affirmations had come to an end!) So today, as I reflect on the past week I know that this was a time for renewel for me...a time to grow a little reach a little higher...and to believe a little deeper. It has been a week of allowing myself to rest and be comfortable in that resting. So today, as I write this reflection I am feeling refreshed and ready! I am anxious to get back to what my heart calls me to do. So, that would be my wish for you also...may you reflect on your change and the joy that it will bring to you when you allow it to happen. And I ask you this:
What do you do when you get your feet stuck in the mud...and how can you make it a time that is GOOD for you instead of beating yourself up?
Artfully Yours,

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Lori Pilla said...

So glad you found so much positive in your week last week. It is obvious that you are back. This affirmation truely shows that your color is back.
Hope this week is especially full of color for you.