Monday, August 6, 2007


Today is a day of contemplation....I am coming off a weekend that has been a series of WHY'S and WHAT IF'S. So this morning I am looking inward, past the hurt, past my logical senseable self...I am unraveling and sorting out my thoughts. When you are dealing with WHY..WHY ME?...WHY HIM?...WHY WOULD ANYONE? You usually cannot come to an answer and swimming around in the WHY'S just racks up all the muck that is hanging around. A rational and senseable person cannot unravel the actions of someone who is unrational and unsensable! It really is just that simple. So today, I am focusing on my own connection to myself, to my family, to my loved ones, to my creativity. Today I am letting go of the WHY'S...Today I am aware that I can handle anything as long as I continue to handle it with grace and love! There are always going to be things that happen..either to us, or around us that cause us to be off balanced, but when we search within our self we will find our peace with things that do that. My peace today is knowing that healing comes...understanding sometimes does not. But LOVE and caring and standing beside people with out stretched hands and hearts will help both of us heal. So my wish for you today is that you too look to the connection between your soul and your loved ones...and my question would be:
Artfully Yours,

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She Who Flies said...

A really beautiful contemplation which is totally echoeing where I'm at these days.... I so agree with you. My rational and emotional selves have questions that can't be answered in respect to a recent unpleasant situation.... but I've come to the realization in the past couple of days that I don't really need those answers to go past it. Whys can be such a waste of energy and keep us stuck in the unchangeable. All I can do is keep my heart open, forgive myself for taking someone's words and mixed signals personally thus allowing myself to feel hurt and undermined, and for reacting in a way that served no fruitful end... The important thing is to keep the love flowing, to remain present to our lives, forgive ourselves and others for our human-ness and allow the flower of our hearts to keep blooming and welcome others into it.