Friday, March 30, 2007

Reflection Friday!

Another week has past! Why is it that every week seems to go by faster and faster?? So as I reflect on the lessons of my soul this week, I have been aware of so much! First I realize that you must have a little darkness to see all the light that surrounds you! Not that you should dwell in the darkness, just that you should know that balance of it, and what it has to say to you. I also, am so aware, especially today, of when you give of yourself to a cause for someone else, that you end up helping yourself almost more than you helped the other person and their cause. For once you reach out with the purest of intentions, you then find what strength and love you have within you for humanity and for yourself. So today, when reflecting, I honor my path...I continue to walk down it, sometimes skipping, sometimes dancing, sometimes at a very slow crawl...but none the less I continue to do what it is that my heart sings to do! Today, I am reaching up to the stars above me...I am aiming high and I am feeling the balance of the universe and its creative purpose for me! And that is my wish for you today...No matter if you are doing the slow crawl, or you are skipping, or dancing...continue down your path...aim high! Cause you know what they say: Shoot for the moon, you just might find yourself falling amongst the stars! Here is to finding our hearts and our stars in perfect balance!
Artfully Yours,

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