Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Today I am very aware of the importance that my art plays in my life. Yesterday because I was caring for my grandson, and he was sick with the flu, there was not enough time for me to do some of the things that I thought I would do...I know, we have all had days like that!! So this morning I am in my studio painting, planning, cleaning, organizing (well the last two only a little bit cause I was looking for something!)But, what I realized is that it doesn't matter what type of creativity I choose to do for the day, the only important thing is that I DO IT!! It can be as creative as reading a book on creativity, looking at the pictures in my favorite magazine, visualizing myself painting, or doing an actual long as I continue to honor myself and my dreams by actually doing something creative! There just seems like a piece missing when I am out of the loop of my creative, I still have a sick grandson here, and now my daughter is here sick too...and I am sure this will lead me to be, I will stock up on all the latest magazines that I love so much for inspiration and I will get my sketch book out so that I can place those designs swimming in my head down on paper...cause there will always be a moment or two when I will be able to do that while being the nurse! Today, I FLY!
And that is my wish for you today also, that you realize the importance of honoring your creative spirit in whatever way you can sometime during the day...give yourself a minute to visualize it, a minute to look at it, a minute to do it...before long those minutes will start to add up and you will FLY!
Artfully Yours,

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