Friday, March 23, 2007

Reflection Friday

Today as I reflect on this past week I notice a softness to myself..I notice that with all my colors and dreams that I need this softness in order to continue on my path. Sometimes I think that perhaps I have taken on to much, have nothing of importance to say or do, and then that is where the softness must come in. Gently I know that by listening to my inner spirit and walking with it, I can dance and sing with my truest voice. By moving from within, I can celebrate all that I have to offer. Even if I am just offering it to myself. The gift of creativity that I feel in my core is something that I want to share.(And I want to thank all who share their core with me! ) I hope with all my heart that it gives people something to hold on to the way it does for me. That their heart smiles a little, or is touched in some sort of way to bring them into their own inner spirit. My life is full with wonderment and love. So that is my wish for all who come to view today, that you feel the softness of yourself, that you allow that softness to over take you in moments where you doubt yourself, or your creativity. All of us are connected in such a spiritual way, that when we stand together we are a powerful force! BELIEVE!
Artfully Yours,

1 comment: said...

Yes, softness is what is needed today. Thanks so much for your beautiful words - as always!