Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Some days I have all the best intentions to do everything that is on my list! But then the phone will ring and it is someone who needs me more than I need to paint! In the past I have given way to being annoyed by this for whatever selfish reason that I had. But, now when that person needs me, I spread my wings around their heart and listen to what they have to say, offering advice if it is asked for. Listening if that is all they need. I take the time an offer it up as a gift to them...but what I have found is that is a gift to myself. A gift of knowing that I am valued by someone enough that they would share their heart with me. A gift of knowing that in some way I might be able to help someone with a word, with a smile, with a loving hug, with a listening ear. So that is my gift to all who read this today...give of your self when someone is reaching out for you, you will find that you receive so much in return.
Artfully Yours,


Princess said...

Hi Pattie,
My name is Efrat Dalton I’m one of the mavens of the Creative Underground group, Welcome to our group!
I had to check your blog and your work is wonderful and it does put a smile on the face and comfort to the heart. I love your post about “Others” my feelings are the same, art is splendid and wonderful but friends and family are priceless gift! Without them art don’t matter after all they are the inspiration to our art and our life.
I’m so happy to have you on our group and hope to get to meet you one day.
Keep creating!



Pattie Mosca said...

Thanks for taking a peek at these affirmation pages...It is a journal that I do every day...I am glad that it "spoke" to you today! I am excited about joining the group..
Artfully Yours,