Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Have you ever gone back and explored something that you gave up doing? Today was such a day for me!! Today, I was re-connecting with a good friend...and I really mean a good friend, because time and distance does not affect our friendship, and we just play a mean catch up and then everything was exactly how it was!! (We have had a 2 year absence at this time) Anyhow, she is an avid cross stitcher and does the most beautiful work...I use to do it to but it has been given away to paint, and paper and pens now a days...Today, we went to needle shops and I bought patterns and new needles and I went through her stash of patterns that she has already done, and which I fell in love with!! Today, I am so excited about doing some of this again!! I did not pick the patterns that would take me months and months of labor, bur rather simple ones that have a message for me, or someone I know...I am feeling like a kid about this!! We talked and talked too!! We went to deep spaces that we do not let to many people see, and it is so strange, but during that absence we were both going through similar things...moves were made, babies were born, we were discovering things about ourselves and we were each growing...and I believe that we would of been useless to each other at that time, because everything was so much the same...So, we re-connect at a time when we are both feeling energy and the need to share once again..I am ever so happy!! So that is my wish for you today, if you have been thinking of someone that you have not been in contact with for whatever reason, and you just can't seem to get that person off your mind...RE-CONNECT! It is a sign to you and try not to ignore it, or wait for that person to call you, cause they may be thinking the same way, and the fear of not being welcome comes in to play..But, I do know that someone has to be the first to call...and why not make it your treat! I know that I am ever so joyful that I did!
Artfully Yours,

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