Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Today is one of those days in the studio where I am not quite completing anything, but rather, I am moving from one to another of the different projects that I am working on. I am sharing my space today, and I am very aware of the different energy that surrounds me! So, I am staying focused by being aware of the movement! By watching as my hands pick up certain pens to use, and some are better than others...This pen for this page was almost out of ink!! I am aware of the way the paint brushes feel in my hand, and the pencil strokes...quick and flowing. I look inward today and feel a certain JOY that I have so many things to do, a touch of fear is there also, but today I continue to move forward. Everything that I am doing is because it feels RIGHT to feels as if it belongs along side me on this path. So, today, although this is the only piece that was completed, I continue with my movement, I continue to honor my heart, I continue to BELIEVE! So that is my wish for you also today...Even if your space is small and you have to share it with others, continue to move...continue to be aware of your energy..continue to allow yourself the honor of growth. Continue to move from within!
Artfully Yours,


thebeadingmuse ~ said...

Beautifully said, beautiful sentiment, beautiful art...and beautifully done.

Thank you.

Pattie Mosca said...

So happy to see you here!! THANK YOU..THANK YOU...THANK YOU!