Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I was up early today, something I haven't been doing lately. It felt good and I accomplished a lot of things before I even got dressed! Now, for some that might not be unusual, but for me, lately I have been fairly slow in moving forward in the morning on things like the mundane of house keeping !! LOL...Anyhow, I feel very strong this morning! I am feeling like I can do anything in the course of this day that I set my mind to..I can do it fast, slow or somewhere in between, but the STRENGTH that I feel today is allowing me to do a great deal! I LOVE TODAY! I love that I can see what patterns I place myself in and I feel the strength today to let some of those go! Today, my energy is working for me in all sorts of ways...I can do the mundane without feeling as if I am taking time from the creative...I can do the creative without feeling as if I am taking the time from the mundane! I LOVE TODAY! So that is my wish for you today also, that you feel your strength...That you see that you can allow your energy to flow in all sorts of directions, without feeling guilty, for not doing one or the other...BLEND them, it is the best of both worlds, and it is your strength of commitment to yourself that is the most important. TODAY FEEL YOUR STRENGTH! It is a powerful thing!
Artfully Yours,

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