Thursday, April 12, 2007


I got so wrapped up in doing ART that I forgot to post this affirmation from yesterday! So, I will be writing this from today! Yesterday was a day of being so full, so aware of the art, the creativity, the road! Yesterday, I rose to the challenge that I presented to myself and completed several projects that need to go out in the mail by the end of the month! I was aware of filling my space with ME and what it is that I do. I worked on some special projects, actually did the domestic goddess thing and had coffee with my sister! (after all on Tuesday it was National sibling day!! A hallmark favorite!!) I also, did the wonderful dinner for the hubby and baked brownies! I tell you I was in the ZONE! I felt fulfilled...I felt strong and accepted all that I am and all that I do! WOW!!!!!!! So that would be my wish for all today, (and yesterday!) be aware of your whole and fill your space with all your energy on the days that they present them selves to you...It is just simply amazing what one person can accomplish in one day!! You will feel so GOOD about your self and what you do!
Artfully Yours,

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