Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Today I received a post from someone who prompted me to my soul for peace.
In the wake of all that has happened within the past few days, I, like all have been touched with sorrow and grief. However, I am also aware of the small things that I can do to ease the pain within by honoring my creativity. When we have to stop and suck in a deep breath to believe that terriable things happen that are beyond our control we question who we are and what we do. Today, I hold hope within my art and heart for growth, and peace and connection with others. That somehow, my small piece of art and words helps someone...this small painting has layers of depth for me....It shows the ying and the yang of life, the mountains that we have to go over to find our hearts sometimes, and the growth and blossoming that we all can do from within our core. As my heart aches for the families of all who lost someone, my heart is also open to what each of us can do to reach out and touch someone today. Search for the connection that you can make to bring some love and compassion to someone who is in need today. Although things happen in life that we cannot explain or have an answer to, I believe in my heart that we can all do small things to make our world a better place. For after all many small things add up to become a whole. So today, my wish for all who enter here is to search your heart and soul and see where it is that you can help someone and by doing so you ultimately help yourself to heal.
Wishing all a peaceful day.
Artfully Yours,

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