Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Today is a day of moving...Moving things around the studio...moving piles, sorting piles, making new piles!! Although at first glance the studio looks very cluttered and disorganized, it really isn't for me! As I put away one pile only to make room for another I am feeling very real in my purpose. I feel myself being gentle and compassionate with my self. Today I am in total acceptance of where my dreams are heading. I am offering up to myself my own wisdom. I am paying attention to my deadlines even though to someone else it may look as if I have NO IDEA as to where things are or JUST HOW MANY projects I have going at one time. There is a part of me that loves this moving thing...going forward, stepping back...moving...from one project to another till they become complete...It offers up a sort of freedom for me...NOW JUST WHAT WILL I WORK ON TODAY!! It causes me to giggle and laugh today with my whirling and swirling! My heart feels full of energy for all that I am accomplishing, and for all that I am dreaming of...So today I move just a little closer to my star and a little closer to ME! So that is my wish for all that are reading this today! When there are times that you feel in the middle of a pile and it seems just to overwhelming....look around and find another pile then JUMP right into the middle of that one, you are bound to find the creative heart you are searching for...And don't worry about that other will look just splendid to you on a different day to jump into!
Artfully Yours,

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