Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I was up early today...and yet, I have accomplished nothing! Maybe it is the beginning of a new month that has me out of whack...maybe it is because I have been so focused on deadlines, maybe it is because it is such a gray day in upstate NY.... So when I asked myself what it was that I needed today, a single thought came to mind! I DARE YOU!!! Remember as a kid when you were together with a friend and they would dare you to do something that you were afraid of doing, or was quite ridiculous? Remember how your heart would race and then upon completion you were quite proud of yourself for going outside of your comfort zone? Well, that is what I am doing today...I am daring myself to jump, dance, sing..anything that will get me a tad more motivated. I think that sometimes we get our self so overwhelmed with a direction that sometimes that is the only thing we see! So today, I dare myself...dare myself to walk a little closer to the edge and perhaps see things from a different view. So for all who venture here today, that is my wish for you also...When you are feeling a little bit out of it....DARE YOURSELF!! Dare yourself to see things from the edge with a totally different view of your horizon! I think it is helping!! And I am actually daring myself to take the day and move with it without a deadline!!
Artfully Yours,


Hélène Deroubaix said...

happy May day!
and yes daring, we have to and as artist we can t do otherwise,it's our life we put at stake!

many blessings***

Royce Addington said...

Daring to consciously stand on the Edge of any Horizon with deadlines banished;well...this awareness just may be one of the most important accomplisments of all!

PS...I'm blaming the HUGE glowing full moon for the whacky-ness! Shall we dance and laugh, barefoot and free... in the magical pearlescent light? Motivation will just have to wait until tomorrow!