Monday, May 14, 2007


Today has been a day of persuasion....Talking myself into and out of things. Persuading myself not to give up, but rather to just give in to being tired. Sometimes when I get tired, I start to question, doubt, give up. So today, I have been persuading myself, that those things just will not serve me! Today with my persuasion I am listening for the whispers of inspiration, that are in the background. I am trying to stay aligned with my purpose and my voice, instead of caving into negativity! Today I am using all of my heart to let go, just for the day, of this creativity...To just let myself be and to be COMFORTABLE with that!! So that is my wish for all who read this today. Instead of "beating" yourself up when you have one of these days where either nothing creative comes, or you feel that you just can't do anything right....PERSUADE let yourself rest, and regenerate....It truly is the best thing that you can do for yourself, your voice and your message....I am off to take a nap!
Artfully Yours,

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