Wednesday, May 9, 2007


A day late!! This is my affirmation for Tuesday! It was a day that began early and ended late...And it was full from the top to the bottom!! Today was a day of play...going to the zoo and rediscovering the wonderment of the beauty and the sounds from the eyes of a little one! Today was a day of singing silly little songs, and counting to 10! Today was a day of sketching a new painting out, and feeling the warmth of the sunshine on my face and arms...Today was a day of play...there was no paint, there was no schedule, there was no time line....Today was a day of complete play...eating corn dogs and having great explosions of laughter. Today was youth, and joy all wrapped up in a beautiful package with an ice cream ribbon! That is my wish for all who enter today...Find yourself a day of play...Let your child like spirit be ice cream for dinner...walk bare foot in the sand, make a castle, swing on the swings...go to the zoo...what ever it may be it is so very rewarding! You will feel a pleasant sort of tired at the end of the day, and you will smile deeply! TRY IT!
Artfully Yours,

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Lori Pilla said...

Oh how much fun. I will remember your words when I'm on a school field trip to Six Flags with my daughter and her fellow school musicians. To play and have fun can be something I can forget when in a "chaperone" position. But who says I can't have fun and keep the kids in line. Thanks again for your wonderful inspiration.