Thursday, May 24, 2007


This is an affirmation from Tuesday...
Today, I am finishing up some art that needs to go out in the mail for some calls for artists work in some national magazines...I am taking the risks and sending in the projects and feel confident that I have done some good work here, and hope that they see that and publish it. So today, I am feeling the freedom from fear and limitations. It is difficult on some days to see my art in an objective way. When I look through many of the magazines I see totally different art than what I do, so I have been adapting it. I have just finished up some wearable art and hope that they meet with someones approval for these magazines....My wish for you today, is that you too take risks...that you hold back nothing when it comes to your creativity...that you do not compare, or judge against anyone what it is that you do that makes your heart soar.
Artfully Yours,

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