Friday, February 23, 2007

Reflection Friday!

Once again here it is Friday already! Where do the days go? Although my back has been out I am happy to know that I have been able to post a bit! So I reflect on my week and the lessons that I am learning and how I am putting those lessons to work. This week even with my back, and especially with my back, I put compassion to play! Not only with myself but especially with others around me. I opened up my heart so wide as to expose long held secrets and dreams, but it not only felt good to me to do this, but also hopefully helped someone I love. It was a week of learning that sharing is not a bad thing, but often a neccessary thing to make things REAL! It is always such a joyous day when my grandson is with me, so laughter and smiles were very much in play. So today, I smile gently on my heart and it feels full and growing which causes smiles from way down within! And that is my wish for all today who enter into this space, that you open your heart, know the compassion for yourself and others because it will fill you with such love that you can't help but feel the joy and love for your self, within you and around you!
Artfully Yours,

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