Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Today has been a delightful day! I am still smiling! First, my grandson, was here and that is just such a joy for me...he makes me feel alive with wonder! He is just 2 and is exploring his world, which makes me explore mine more! I just love that about him! And now he is talking more so his newest thing is when he wants you to go to another room he with put out his hand and say "hand moma" and it melts me every time! I have also been delighted today in 2 pieces of art work that I have been working on for an Art Challenge for a magazine...One piece is posted on my other blog ARTFULLY YOURS, but one I started and completed today and it just delights the heck out of me! I love it when a thought of what you can create happens that quickly! I will post it tomorrow after I take a picture of it! Anyhow, my dreams are before me, and I am smiling and laughing much more thanks to a little boy who is such a blessing in my life, who shows me that it is the simplest of things that make us happy! So that is my wish for you today also, that you delight in the little things. Look for them, as they are often overlooked! And believe me, you will find a lot of them!!
Artfully Yours,

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