Saturday, January 13, 2007


I did not get the chance to post this for yesterday, so here is my Reflection Friday.
This past week was one of being positive..of laughing, dreaming, and exploring the things that are in me and with me. Of family and friends who support and share their love with me, and I AM TOTALLY AWARE OF!! This week has been one of growth and learning to plant myself on solid ground. Of not taking things to fast, but waiting for the right moments for discovery and joy to enter. It was a week of collecting thoughts, celebrating life, and believing that these small steps that I am taking will provide me with the foundation to go the distance. IT WAS A GOOD WEEK! So, that is my wish for all who enter here today, that you too plant yourself and let your roots be nourished by the love that surrounds you, that you are patient with yourself and let your roots take a firm hold as you blossom and grow.
Artfully Yours,


Ginny said...

Hi Pattie, Came to your blog via ArtUnRavelled site. Love your work - I'll keep checking to see what you might be teaching. Keep up the great work. Ginny

Pattie Mosca said...

Thanks Ginny for taking a peek!! Waiting to hear about ARTUNRAVELED!
Hoping to be a presenter...have 2 classes up for review!! Both lots of fun! Keep checking!! New affirmations up weekly...New art up on my other site: