Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Today while talking to a very good friend, I was telling her that I thought perhaps I needed to get a part time job (the kind to keep me in paint and supplies!) When she said....YOU HAVE A PART TIME JOB...YOUR WORK IS YOUR WORK!! With a grin and a giggle I acknowlege that but, it does not constantly buy my supplies...but IT DOES buy my supplies...which makes me realize that I am still growing...I am still stretching...I am planting the roots in my own garden and I JUST NEED TO BELIEVE IN MYSELF MORE! I have come a long way in a few years...and I thank my friend for reminding me that I need to WORK ON MY WORK!! And it is causing me to smile and GROW!! So, today is a day of growth...of bursting forth...and I SMILE!!!
Artfully Yours,

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