Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Did you ever realize that you hold on to a habit, thought, or action, not so much because it is good for you but because it is COMFORTABLE? Once it becomes comfortable, even when we know we should change, the rut that we are in seems like it is just to BIG to overcome!! Today, I am making the lists and giving myself the deadlines for them so that I ACTUALLY DO THE THINGS I SAY I AM GOING TO DO!! Instead of just saying I am going to do them!! I know that some of you creative types know what I am talking about!!
Sometimes I will do anything to avoid that deadline for myself. I am not talking custom work for customers...I am talking about the things that I have on my dream list! The things that I want to see happen for ME by ME!!
So today is the beginning of LETTING GO! Today is the beginning of doing things differently, one small step at a time....I will spread my wings and trust that I can fly!
And that is my wish for all who enter here today....LET GO...BELIEVE YOU CAN FLY!
Artfully Yours,


Lori Pilla said...

Letting go. What a wonderful thought. I now have all three of your sites bookmarked. Todays post is a good reminder for me. I think I've told you this before but When I look at your work I really feel good. Your use of color and the whimsey makes my heart light. I'm so inspired to continue to find my own art to make myself feel good. Thanks again for your inspiration.


Pattie Mosca said...

Listen to your heart....Perhaps like me you will do all sorts of art!! I use to "THINK" that I had to do one thing and be REALLY good at it!! I now KNOW differently!! So glad you are inspired...These daily affirmations inspire me every morning to do my BEST!! Blessings to you on this delightful Tuesday!!

Cheryl, The Beading Muse ~ said...

I love this Pattie! Letting go, and allowing the good that is ours to flow to us...and the little bird is the perfect reminder for allow ourselves to soar!
...simply beautiful..thank you.
P.S. She's a very unique bird...the colors are cool.