Thursday, November 30, 2006

Starting a NEW project!!

Just encase you haven't checked out the blog today, the permission slip there is "IT" day....And so this morning I was thinking about what "IT" was that I was going to do...HUMMM..(so many things to pick from! but what is the one thing that I have been putting off doing?!) I went and took a class in Virginia some 4 years ago and met a wonderfully inspiring person while I was there...I have been wanting to do something for this person for that length of time now!!! PHEW! I would say that is over due!! Anyhow that is my "IT"...That is my holiday gift to myself...I am going to do something special for this person for no reason other than the fact that I want to. There is no secret motivation, no method behind my madness, other than the fact that this person has inspired me to continue on my path over the past 4 years...I have watched as this person continues on hers and grows...which inspires me to see where my path will take me.. So that is my "IT" project...I am off to collect the things that I want to use in this adventure...I cannot say who it is right now, but will post when the project is completed..sent..and received!! So glad I have permission to finally do this!! I hope today that you use this permission slip for something that you have been putting on the back burner too!! You can view the permission slip at: is a link on the side...)
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