Monday, November 27, 2006

Custom Work...

I am taking a little bit of time to SHINE today!! If you are reading this post and
don't know about the permission slips I am doing you can view them at: Today, I am honoring the fact that just when I think that I should go out and get a "REAL" job...(cause, sitting and creating in this studio 8 hours a day, isn't a real job?!) I get custom orders!! One after another!! LOL...And that certainly makes me happy..not just because I will be making some money (because of course that doesn't hurt any!) But because what I am doing with my creativity not only makes me HAPPY but makes others HAPPY too!!...And dog gone it...."People like me!!" (I always feel a little like Sally Fields!) But, it just reinforces how I feel about my art!! So SHINE I will today...Running out for some art supplies...Up early...and painting...LIFE IS GOOD...LIFE IS VERY, VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!! And that is my wish for you today..that you see how good your life is!!
Artfully Yours,

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