Saturday, November 18, 2006


So, more than once today I wanted to throw in the towel...start over, and actually I did begin to start over by beginning this new blog! Thinking prhaps the Artfully Yours site was gone to me forever! But, I WENT BEYOND MY OWN LIMITS!! I TESTED MY COMFORT ZONE TO THE MAX! I used my shield and I broke down my own walls....AND YIPPEE!!!!!!!!! I hung in there and it worked and I am SO PROUD TO BE STANDING STRONG TODAY!!!!!! Now, I know to some this is not a huge feat that was made.But for me, this machine just truly makes me crazy, because I do not feel I know very much about it...But today....I CONQUERED some of my fear!! AND I AM SMILING LIKE CRAZY!!!!!! So, that is my wish for you this very moment....BE NOT AFRAID....YOU HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!! Just raise you shield and forge ahead!!!
Artfully Yours,

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