Monday, November 20, 2006


Here it is Monday already, and I am wondering where the weekend went to!! It seems the older I get the faster the time flies by!! Like wasn't Christmas just last week?! No...well, I thought it was!! And yet, as a kid, it seemed like it took forever to get from one birthday to the next or any given holiday!! Now, I turn around and there it is!! I really do not like the fact that the commerical world has brought Christmas so close to Halloween....Like there is nothing in between those two days! WHAT ABOUT THE TURKEY?!!!!!! What about being grateful for the abundance we have? What about the pumpkin pie? I make a lot of gifts, so I try to avoid all the mall hustle and bustle...I do go once and look at the decorations, but that is closer to the actual day of Christmas...when I can watch everyone running around with their lists...while I sip a Peppermint Latte! I will make some gifts with my 18 month old grandson for everyone, and I have thoughts of what to make for others on my list....Little will be store bought, I have to say that watching TV the other night and seeing that the commerical wanted some parent to buy a $800 computer for their teenager...and I thought...not even on my best Christmas would that ever happen. ...Lets get back to the season of gratitude....Lets get back to gifts that are made from the heart and given with great love...Lets get back to the old fashion Christmas...But first! LETS EAT THE TURKEY AND THE PUMPKIN PIE!
Artfully Yours,

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